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I'm thrilled to invite you to my exclusive baseball coaching experience. With years of dedication to the sport, both as a player and a coach, I've developed a unique and tailored approach to teaching the game I love. As an experienced coach, I specialize in personalized training sessions for hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and agility.


These dynamic lessons cater to players of all ages and skill levels, from youth leagues to seasoned pros. With a focus on fundamentals, advanced techniques, and mental strength, I'll help you master the art of baseball, develop your game IQ, and achieve your goals. Book a lesson today and let's work together to transform your performance, ensuring you excel on and off the diamond.

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Individual Lessons

Experience a transformative 1-on-1 private baseball lesson tailored to your unique needs and goals. Under my guidance, we'll focus on enhancing your specific skills and game strategies, unlocking your full potential on the field. Book your personalized session today and let's get to work!


Group Lessons

You and your fellow players can hone your skills together. I will lead engaging sessions that encourage teamwork, friendly competition, and shared learning experiences.



At-home Lessons

Bring the excitement of professional coaching to your doorstep with at-home baseball lessons. I will come to your preferred location, providing personalized instruction and convenience, ensuring you reach your full potential in a comfortable environment.



Maximize your growth and savings with lesson packages, granting access to lessons at a discounted rate. Benefit from a well-rounded training experience, tailored to your needs, while enjoying the camaraderie and support of fellow baseball enthusiasts. Book now and elevate your game on every level.

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Mar Vista Recreation Center

11430 Woodbine St

Los Angeles, CA 90066





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