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Kyle Raimo


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Who I Am

With an extensive tenure both on the diamond and behind the scenes, I bring a unique blend of firsthand baseball experience complemented by a robust analytical background. My journey spans roles from a collegiate athlete to a Head Baseball Coach, culminating in my current expertise in baseball scouting and player development. My dual-professional background, encompassing stock options trading and baseball talent specialization, equips me with a unique risk-assessment perspective, allowing for both precision in talent spotting and strategic player development.

Credentials & Expertise

  • Baseball Player Development & Scouting: Over a decade of immersion in the sport has seen me don various caps, from a starting pitcher and infielder with the Queensborough Tigers to a Head Baseball Coach at entities like the Garciaparra Baseball Group and independent endeavors. My coaching chronicle boasts of innovative training regimes, meticulous player positioning strategies, and a track record of success. As a bird dog scout (under Michael Garciaparra & the St. Louis Cardinals) my acumen was extensively leveraged in evaluating amateur prospects across the Los Angeles metropolitan region.

  • Sabermetrics & Analytical Tools: My expertise isn't just limited to the tactile elements of the game. I've mastered advanced tools such as Hawk-Eye, Blast Motion, and Yellow Jacket Cameras, and can deftly navigate data-driven platforms like Python, Baseball Savant, FanGraphs, and Tableau.

  • Contract Negotiations & Sports Management: My certifications from renowned bodies like Sports Management Worldwide and LA Sports Management attest to my proficiency in realms spanning contract valuations, sabermetrics, MLB scouting techniques, player evaluation, and draft analysis. My experience in stock trading — especially the deployment of my distinctive “baseball method” — enriches my decision-making efficacy, notably in contract discussions and talent assessments.

  • Marketing, Promotions & Special Events: Beyond the game's technicalities, I’ve helmed marketing campaigns, orchestrated concept implementations, and proficiently managed budgeting and fundraising ventures, adding a comprehensive layer to my professional palette.

Professional Highlights & Engagements

  • Achieved a commendable ten-fold ROI as a Stock Options Trader, drawing strategic parallels with my unique “baseball method” emphasizing astute risk-reward dynamics.

  • As the helm of coaching initiatives, I’ve pioneered transformative drills, culminating in accolades such as tournament championship wins, undefeated seasons, and helping players make their respective high school and college baseball teams.

  • My stint as a bird dog scout for the St. Louis Cardinals had me in the thick of scouting promising prospects across the LA metro area.

  • At Pirate City, under the aegis of the Pittsburgh Pirates' Scout Development Program, I was engrossed in intensive player evaluations across the Florida Complex League. This experience enriched my understanding of sabermetrics, MLB scouting techniques, and the intricacies of draft systems & processes.

For organizations with an analytical appetite, budding players with professional aspirations, or enthusiasts seeking to navigate the baseball landscape, my tapestry of experiences stands poised to elevate your baseball journey.

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